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Vocational and Career Guidance

Choosing a career can be a challenging and often stressful time for individuals. After all, the decision directly impacts personal and professional life, and that is why it is important to have the proper support to make a conscious and assertive decision. It's in this context that the Vocational and Professional Orientation offered by the Mental Health Clinic Isabel Henriques becomes fundamental.

Our service is performed by a team of psychologists specialized in vocational and professional guidance, who offer a personalized and welcoming service to help each individual find his or her professional path. Through a carefully elaborated guidance process, our professionals will help the individual to better understand his or her skills, interests, and values, as well as identify the professions and fields that best fit his or her profile.

Vocational and professional guidance is a valuable investment for those who seek professional success and satisfaction. With the support and guidance of a specialized professional, the individual can make a conscious and safe decision, avoiding future stress and frustration.

At the Mental Health Clinic Isabel Henriques, we offer a personalized and welcoming Vocational and Professional Orientation service, aiming to help each individual to find his or her professional path with confidence and safety. Contact us and learn more about how we can help you in your professional journey.

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