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How reading is important for child development

Reading is a very important and pleasurable habit. During childhood it is very important to develop the habit of reading, as the benefits for children are enormous. There is no ideal age to start encouraging reading. When parents read to their baby, when the child who has not yet learnt to read but "pretends" to be reading or tells stories with picture books, these experiences are already incentives to read.

There are direct benefits in the cognitive development of the child with the practice of reading. We list here six positive points of reading for children's development.

Increases concentration Good reading requires, above all, concentration! Reading age-appropriate texts or books to the child will arouse curiosity and hold the child’s attention, being a good oportunity to develop the ability to concentrate. This practice can, for example, have a positive impact on the results of tests and schoolwork.

Encourages the creative side and imagination When we read a book, we are taken to different places that often don't even really exist! By concentrating on reading and understanding the particularities surrounding the stories, we acquire the ability to create scenarios and imagine in great detail what is written in a book. This ability is carried throughout life and can be highly valued in adulthood. When you are in the job market, for example, creativity allows you to create solutions to a problem or imagine different points of view.

Increases vocabulary Books are an inexhaustible source of vocabulary. Therefore, the earlier a child gets into the habit of reading, the more vocabulary he or she will assimilate and store. Of course, there is no need to force your child to choose works of great complexity. Leave them free to choose the literary genre they feel most comfortable with!

Promotes knowledge about feelings and emotions Children's stories, fables and fairy tales are great for arousing children's feelings and emotions, teaching little ones to show what they feel and to care about others. They also teach about ethics, as most have a lesson yo learn.

Have you seen how many are the benefits of reading from an early age?

Take advantage of this information and start encouraging reading in your child now.

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