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In Carnation

Today we are going to celebrate freedom. And I begin by asking: How do I live my freedom? Doing what I want to do? Exploring my authenticity? In the possibility to choose? In the feeling of being accepted in a society full of stereotypes? Going out to the street?

For me, freedom is a process of discovery, driven by questions like "why can't I say everything, and how do I want to say it? "Why do I choose to submit myself to the same uncomfortable situation?", and "Why does fear dominate me?". In this process, it is in the continuous contact with different realities, contexts, and groups that I develop myself as a person, building my identity, thus discovering my personal power. It is in the experience of what bothers me in the relationship with the other, within myself, and with the world, that is being defined as values in the experience of society, that I find the motor and clear a path to discover the meaning of my presence in the world.

I choose my presence in the world to be compassionate.

I choose to give the other space to build his/her freedom.

I choose not to hurt, judge, oppress, or offend.

I choose to identify and fight to remove the restraints I have placed on myself.

I choose to use my freedom to help build the world I want to live in.

I choose to see beyond my own perspective.

I choose my battles.

And I choose to fight.

I choose to embrace error and know how to grow from it.

I choose not to have an opinion about everything.

I choose to inform myself.

I choose not to say everything that goes on in my mind.

I choose and think.

I think and choose.

Thank you to those who thought beyond individual reality, chose to go out into the street and fought for everyone.

April 25th always.

Francisco Forte e Liliana Marante

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