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Technology allied with love - Are apps promoting healthy and functional relationships?

Who said that our mobile phones are the enemy of deep and real connections?

Since there are so many apps with the most diverse functions and solutions (even for problems that we didn't know existed) and love relationships are an area of our lives that deserve our particular attention, will we be able to align these two components in a harmonious way?

Is there an app to help me improve my connesction with my partner?

Technology does not need to be just an ally at the time of finding a partner, as most applications within the love world tend to be seen as (apps like Tinder, Grindr or Bumble). And what if we can make use of them to strengthen our (existing) relationships?

In fact, there are apps with the power to support us with any challenge in our lives - if we are willing to so see their potentiality (without closing our eyes to their limitations). When it comes to relationships, there is always some aspect in which there is room for growth... Let's see:

  • trying new things as a couple;

  • learning to show love in different ways;

  • getting to know new facets of your partner;

  • discovering different types of date ideas;

  • practise different ways of communicating.

Check out the following list of applications you can explore:

Theme: Organisation/Planning for two:

  • Cupla

  • Merge

  • GoodBudget

Theme: Intimacy/Sexuality/Getting to know each other better:

  • Gottman Card Decks

  • Coral

  • Intimately Us

  • Coupleness

  • Paired

Theme: Long distance relationships:

  • Kast

  • Rave

There are currently many apps available for couples.

Consider trying our suggestions to learn more about your partner, increase intimacy and have fun along the way.

If you are experiencing difficulties, conflicts or concerns in your relationship, you can seek professional psychological help for further guidance.

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