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Introductory workshop into the world of Mindfulness

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Do you want to start your spring a bit less stressed and a bit more in the present moment?
Our modern lives most of the time verge on being insanely busy.
Many of us experience stress, anxiety and other difficult emotions on quite a constant rate. It is essential then to provide ourselves with moments of calm throughout the day.
Mindfulness can help us to find that peace and to learn how to be more in the present moment. 


This is an introductory workshop – thus, you don’t need to be familiar with mindfulness or have any previous experience with meditation.


Both basics of theory and practice will be explained.


We believe that the best way to learn is through interactive methods and this workshop is mostly practical. We will show you things you can already start applying in your daily life. 

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I am Aleksandr. I am VMBN-accredited mindfulness teacher (Cat. 1 Reg. 20181245) and NIP (Nederland Instituut Psychologen) psychologist member. I work in The Hague, Leiden and Amsterdam.

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Personally, I found mindfulness to be essential to my mental balance. And since then I have been regularly meditating and then after a bit also teaching mindfulness.


It doesn't stop to amaze me how much you can improve your well-being just by paying kind and non-judgemental attention to what is happening around you. Many people say that in the end mindfulness helps both them and people around them — as they became kinder and calmer, others benefit too. 


What I love about mindfulness is that it has quite a solid research base. Multiple studies show that mindfulness helps deal with stress, anxiety, low mood, difficult emotions and many other problems. By now nearly 700 studies are published annually on the topic of mindfulness.

Date to be announced


The workshop will be provided in English, however the psychologist Andreia Martins from the Mental Health Clinic IH will provide Portuguese translation for those who will need it.

When: to be defined

Time: to be defined

Where: Mental Health Clinic Isabel Henriques

All needed materials will be provided. Bring comfortable clothes and an open mind!

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