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The situation in the world due to COVID-19 is taking proportions that leave us with fear, panic and apprehension regarding our health and well-being.

Today, we all live together in the same dilemma... apprehension, fear and uncertainty about the future. Not a long-term future, but tomorrow's future! Will we be able to survive this pandemic? - this is the question we all ask for ourselves, for those we love the most and, of course, for all of humanity.

The current pandemic determines a profound change in our lives and the consequences for mental health are obvious. It is essential that we take care of our mental health.

When should I seek expert help?

  • Do you feel sadder than usual? Is this sadness more persistent and impairs your normal functioning?

  • Do you feel more anxious and cannot control your anxiety levels?

  • Do you spend most of your time worrying about what might happen?

  • Do you spend most of your time stuck in negative and intrusive thoughts?

  • Have you felt less pleasure in activities that you enjoyed in the past?

  • Do you have difficulty falling asleep or sleep poorly?

  • Has your appetite been decreasing?

  • Do you feel like you've lost control of your life and can't control your fear?

  • Do you feel excessive and constant anguish?

  • Do you have difficulties in relating to your family?

  • Do you feel angrier than usual?

What can we do to alleviate these symptoms that affect our normal functioning? How can we take care of our mental health in this uncertain time?

If you feel that you are losing control over your emotions and behavior, it is a good idea to seek expert professional help as soon as possible.

Psychologists help people understand feelings/behaviors and find strategies to deal with their problems to increase their well-being.

With the restrictions imposed on citizens, we are now just a click away!

Psy-Noord Psychotherapie and Mental Health Clinic Isabel Henriques continue to do their work, but from home.

Consultations are made online, as is the entire process, from the first time you look for us, to the request for a referral letter from the family doctor (huisarts). You should request the referral letter via email or telephone from your doctor.

If you have any difficulties or questions, please contact us at the numbers:

+31 614478140

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