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The kids are on school break! What now?

A vacation period coming up makes many parents apprehensive about what they can do with their children during this time. Many do not have relatives, grandparents or a summer camp that can help take care of the children.

The school vacation period is also the family vacation period. That's why it's important for the parents to adapt their ideal vacation to this reality. Change your perspective and find the best way to have a family vacation. Below I list some ideas for you that can help you change your mindset:

  • Understand that this time will be family time - Activities need to be thought of within the limitations and interests of all family members.

  • Switch off and connect with your kids - In the last year, electronics have been used a lot, including by children that studied at home. Vacations can be a time to disconnect from electronics too. While having fun with your kids, turn off your phone, or put it on silent mode. Mainly disconnect your mind from the worries and activities that need to be done.

  • Play your childhood games - Teach your children your childhood games. Teach them to play like you used to play. This way you can connect your childhood to your children's childhood.

  • Games and more games - use board games, which encourage family interaction, and enjoy the long days and daylight for outdoor activities.

  • Everyone is responsible - No matter the age of your child, all children/teenagers are able to take responsibility according to their age. From organizing toys to making a meal for the family. Give up control and delegate responsibility.

  • A day has several hours, think about how to arrange them - Think together how to arrange your time and activities. You don't need to make a formal schedule, but jointly decided on a sequence that can be followed by the whole family.

  • Playing alone is part of it - Set aside time for everyone to be alone, children and adults. This way, children have their time to decide for themselves what they want to do and also have an opportunity to play alone. It is important to help the child understand that, just as there is time dedicated to them, their caregivers, fathers and mothers also deserve time for themselves.

  • Take leisure time, moments to do nothing - It is important for children and teenagers to understand that leisure time is also needed.

  • Someday childhood will end - in a few years your children will have their own vacation schedules. This childhood school vacation period can become the main memories of you two together. Take the opportunity to build good memories. See it as a period of building and strengthening your relationship.

Creating special memories and strengthening the connection between your family can be the result of your family vacations. Use your creativity, search on social networks or on the internet and I am sure you will have many ideas about what to do during this summer vacation.

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