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Workshop: Developing psychological skills through practice

When we talk about mental health, psychotherapy is one of the first suggestions that comes to people's minds. But in addition to psychotherapy, there are several other activities that can promote mental health, care for your emotions, and practical learning for life situations. A workshop is a great opportunity to reflect and put into practice skills that can benefit different areas of your life.

Do you know how workshops work?

A workshop brings together people interested in a particular subject. A good workshop has a knowledge part, where you learn more through explanation, and a practical part for you to learn how to use this knowledge in everyday life. Participants have the possibility to interact practically or verbally, sharing knowledge, clarifying doubts and even quickly exchanging experiences with other people.

Is it the same thing as a lecture? Not! When it comes to a workshop, it doesn't work like that. Your voice will be heard and you will be in constant dialogue with whoever is leading the workshop. That way, you return home with the knowledge that you were given and the ideas that you acquired during the hours you were immersed in that specific subject. Workshop = Practice!

In addition to its dynamism, another advantage of the workshop is its short duration. The longer ones can last a maximum of a single day. This is great for those who have run out of time, study, work, and still want to know more about themselves, develop skills and learn new ways to face everyday situations.

In a few hours of workshop, you will:

  • Learn to practice a skill that can make all the difference in your personal relationships.

  • Meet different people and ideas who have the same goal as you.

  • Deepen your knowledge of a subject that interests you or something you want to improve.

  • Practice all skills and see your results.

A workshop is for all audiences, including different experiences that can contribute to better learning about a topic.

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