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Liver: Where true emotional balance is born

The liver, from an energetic point of view, is closely involved with the gallbladder (posture and decisions), but also with the eyes (sense of sight), shoulders, knees and tendons (flexibility), nails, breasts and the entire female reproductive system.

The liver is said to be the most important organ for a woman, just as the kidney is for a man. Practically the entire female reproductive system is governed by the liver, responsible for alterations in the menstrual cycle, presence of ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, vaginal discharge or itching, libido alterations such as frigidity and impotence. The liver is responsible for keeping the body's total energy flowing freely. As the movement of blood follows the movement of energy, we say that the liver directs blood circulation and regulates the menstrual cycle as well.

But its most important role, without a doubt, is emotional balance. It is the free flow of energy from the liver that will allow us to respond victoriously to the challenges of life, to emotional and affective stimuli, 24 hours a day, every second of our lives, without stopping.

As soon as we are aware of this fact, the responsibility and respect that we must have for our liver and hepatic system begins. And so we can already imagine the intense wear to which this system is subjected in the daily routine of modern life. Little is known about its importance and how to help, be an accomplice of the liver in this existential mission: emotional and affective balance. Vision, flexibility, posture and decisions.

On the contrary, just because of poor diet and sedentary lifestyle, Western culture does everything to weaken the liver system. Bad eating and living habits lead to functional imbalance, which leads to emotional imbalance, which triggers more bad eating and life habits. This energy imbalance can also manifest itself in many ways, depending on its location: insomnia, migraine, hypertension, digestive problems, PMS, etc.

Problems linked to the liver can be due to lack or excess of circulating energy. A good example of excess is anger, specifically repressed anger and, in a framework of energetic emptiness, we have procrastination and paralyzing fear or panic syndrome. The flow of stagnant liver energy often unbalances the emotional energy, producing feelings of frustration and anger. These same emotions can lead to liver malfunction, resulting in an endless cycle of cause and effect.

Since all emotions, good or bad, pass through the liver, we must not repress them infinitely. The repression of emotions causes an energy blockage that leads to excess heat in the liver. There is a distinction between feeling and emotion. Feelings often strengthen the organs and serve as defense mechanisms for the body. A certain irritation that causes us to react to an attack or when we feel aggrieved is different from anger that is blind and destructive.

The eyes are the external manifestation of the liver. In other words, the liver governs the sense of sight. Thus, vision pathologies will signal some change in the liver. The most common are: conjunctivitis, red eyes without inflammatory process, itching, dry “sight”, poor vision, blurry or blurred, sty, bright spots that appear in the visual field and others.

The tear is the internal secretion that helps relieve the liver. Watch out for dry eyes. Hence the importance of the exercise of “blinking your eyes” (always – don't forget) and not repressing crying, although it is not always socially convenient. But, believe me, containing the crying is bad for your health.

Ah! A fun way to cry/tear is to let laughter flow in your day-to-day life. Nails are another external manifestation of liver conditions, and their deformities or the presence of ringworm suggest some liver impairment or prolonged energy imbalance.

The liver governs the shoulder and knee joints and also the tendons. Therefore, bursitis and knee pain without an apparent cause are signs of impaired liver energy. Tendinitis and frequent strains are also in this picture.

Every organ is associated with a viscera which, in the case of the liver, is the gallbladder. Briefly, the gallbladder acts to maintain postural balance. All cases of dizziness, vertigo, labyrinthitis are linked to it. Such is the case of temporomandibular joint (TMJ). All tensions that are retained in the liver can be discharged in this region and produce bruxism, which is a condition of grinding the teeth, which manifests itself more frequently during sleep.

Metaphysically, the gallbladder commands the ability to make assertive decisions. An unbalanced vesicle can manifest itself in the form of indecision or even disorientation, loss of direction.

And, to make sure you have a good "relationship" with your liver:

– detox daily with the increase in the consumption of foods of vegetable origin, ripe, raw, ideally organic and whole;

– detoxify daily practicing laughter therapy, games, arts, leisure;

– practice moderate physical activity daily. You are not aware of how vital this habit is for the free flow of energy in the liver;

– acid and bitter flavors, as well as green foods are the liver's greatest allies. However, in spring, avoid overdoing sour and spicy flavors.

– avoid poisoning yourself with very fatty foods (due to quality, animal fat and refined oils, such as quantity), fried foods, sugar, coffee and alcohol;

– avoid sedentary and stressful life, bad mood, illusions and high expectations. Meditate and live in REALITY.


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