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Session "Fighting Disinformation"

Last Saturday, November 30th, Mental Health Clinic Isabel Henriques participated in a workshop organized by the group “Portugueses na Holanda” to publicize how the psychology services work in our clinic and in the Dutch health system in general.

This session aimed to provide free information from reliable sources to Portuguese people who are residing in the Netherlands and who are seeking to be aware of the services that exist and are provided by Portuguese and for Portuguese (or other expatriates).

Topics covered included the Dutch tax system, the health system, the functioning of the labor market, marketing and starting a business, how and where to find professional training, among others.

The invited professionals answered many of the doubts for which the Portuguese-speaking community has difficulty finding answers, combating the misinformation that is often generated in groups of emigrants, either due to lack of knowledge or because incomplete information is provided.

The clinical director of Mental Health, Isabel Henriques, made a brief presentation of the clinic, the team and space, as well as the available psychology services and how to reach them. The audience made the presentation dynamic, asking pertinent questions about the functioning of the health system and discussing its positive and negative aspects.

Below is a photo of the event with the featured speakers.

The session was supported by: Mega Safe BV Opleidingen Portugueses na Holanda Trabalho na Holanda Empresários Portugueses na Holanda CS in Xarge RMP Finance BV

The Mental Health Clinic wishes you a great week 😉

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