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Workshop Introduction to Mindfulness for Stress Reduction

On December 10th, the workshop Introduction to Mindfulness for Stress Reduction was held at the Therapeutisch Activiteiten Centrum Amsterdam at Borgerstraat 102 1053 PW Amsterdam.
The workshop was guided by psychologists Isabel Henriques and Aurora Meneses, both with a committed and certified path in Mindfulness-based approaches.
The practice of mindfulness has a preponderant positive influence on people's health, well-being and happiness. This influence is proven by scientific and medical evidence.

This introductory workshop is designed for those who:

  1. Want to learn what mindfulness is and how it works;

  2. Want to understand how mindfulness can help reduce stress;

  3. Want to try some mindfulness practices.

Workshop Mindfulness
Workshop Mindfulness
Workshop Mindfulness
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